2024 Year of the Dragon
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    Belzel Books is an independent book store specializing in tattoo and art reference material for tattooers. The company was founded over 20 years ago in Austin, Texas by Wendy Belzel. All items supplied by Belzel Books have been handpicked by Wendy based upon the needs and interests within the community.

    Wendy is dedicated to honoring the craft, history, and culture surrounding tattooing. She started the company by traveling cross country selling flash directly to the artist. Over the years, she began selling reference books and now 2 decades later, we carry over 400 titles in the store. Wendy consciously decided to stay true to the roots of her company; we continue to sell directly to the artist by keeping someone on the road, and providing personal service and attention to every single order sold online.
    “I respect the trade not as an “industry”, but more like a family. I want to ensure that the products I offer align with my deep appreciation of tattooing, as well as my integrity within the community.” - Wendy Belzel
    Joel is the office guru! He fell in love with the tattoo community as an 18 year old working as a counter guy while also working in kitchens around Detroit. After moving to Austin he continued to work in restaurants around town before becoming the Operations Manager at Republic Tattoo Supply. Now Joel packs your orders, maintains the inventory, keeps up with our guy on the road, and makes the day to day at Belzel Books run smoothly. When not at work you can find Joel in the kitchen with his wife, out on the trail mountain biking, or resenting his cat. 



    If the industry involves needles, Ella has worked in it. Though she is currently working full time in the medical field, Ella previously owned and operated a yarn and fabric store for over 5 years. For Belzel Books, she maintains the website and keeps up with you all on Instagram. While not at work you can find her at home in Austin with her artist husband and their 3 dogs or exploring the great outdoors while hiking and camping.


    Hannah is our lifesaver! After working for the National Domestic Violence Hotline for many years, she took her talents to Mindzai Creative and worked the tattoo convention circuit. Now she helps out in the office, packs the occasional orders, answers your emails, and keeps us all on the right track. When she isn't at work, you can find Hannah running after her ever-growing toddler. 



         Brent was the original Belzel road guy and he worked for us for over 5 years. Unfortunately, he left us all too soon in July 2019, we miss him everyday.  Brent would want you to be happy, smoke another doobie, & find the next waterfall!