2024 Year of the Dragon
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    What's your return policy? 

    We do not offer any returns. We provide every detail about each book so make sure you read the description, watch the video, look at each photo, and understand what you're buying!!

    If any item is damaged in transit, incorrect, missing, or incomplete it will be replaced or fully refunded. If this happens, you must make a claim within 14 days after you received your package, otherwise you have accepted your items and they are no longer eligible to be replaced or refunded.


    But I bought a book and it isn't what I thought it was going to be! 

    Our products are in high demand so you shouldn't have any problem selling the book you don't like to another artist!


    Why is the shipping so expensive? 

    Our website system calculates the shipping based on the weight of the items you are buying. Sometimes we get cheaper shipping rates and we refund the difference back to you. It's your money after all, not ours! 


    Why don't you offer First Class postage all the time? 

    The limit for First Class weight is 13oz, so most of our books are too heavy. Priority Mail is the cheapest option once it weighs more than 13oz and US customers have their books within 3 business days.


    Have a question we didn't answer? Send us an email at belzelbooks@gmail.com or give us a call at (512) 422-7922.